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INK inc PR is a public relations firm specializing in media relations based upon a pay-for-results compensation structure.

INK inc. believes strongly, that all public outreach, online marketing solutions, and social media campaigns... should be results driven; and these results should determine the compensation we charge our clients. INK's pay-for-performance model is based on accountability and value to our clients, not hourly fees.

Headquartered in Kansas City, INK is a pioneer in performance based PR, with over thirteen years of advancing clients all over the United States and throughout Europe and Asia. We understand the need for accountability, speed and flexibility...and most importantly, tangible results, for our clients. That's what INK quality stories that present our clients' unique story...their products, services, or management in the most positive light.

An old fashioned idea but never more important than now.

Welcome to Ink Inc. PR

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